Friday, February 8, 2008

R2 and me

Warm, wet (low 40s)

I could stare out Slanty’s windows for a whole day, I bet. Watching the light pass through the forest, and the fog roll in and out, is pretty amazing. I keep thinking one of these days I’ll see a herd of elk down below, but so far they’ve eluded me, and that’s okay. I like the view, even without charismatic megafauna.

Today I finished vacuuming heaters, replacing smoke detector batteries, and putting up refrigeration temperature charts. I like going into every major building in camp, but I could do without the heaters. By the end of the day I was dragging that ShopVac around as if I had walked a thousand miles with it. When it rained, I stuffed it into the passenger seat, and for a moment pretended I had a little R2 unit riding around with me. But I couldn’t muster up much affection for the thing when it kept blowing dirt in my face.

Well, it’s weekend time. Woot!

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